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Elisa Palomino at London Fashion Week

I was lucky enough to win tickets to the Elisa Palomino Vauxhall Fashion Scout show for London Fashion Week, courtesy of Glamour Magazine and The Body Shop. So yesterday morning, I headed down to the stunning venue of Freemason’s hall in Covent Garden. Of course the first question was what on earth to wear! Having limited options and no budget, I went for a Nasir Mazhar for Topshop Tshirt, Miss Selfridge Jeans and years old Primark heels, which turned out to be a very fitting pink for the show to come.

The show itself was chaotic, with the models in pink and purple wigs; oriental themed make up and headpieces. It certainly brought the drama to my first show. The clothes juxtaposed 20s/30s shapes and fabrics with an oriental and sheer element focussing on embroidered flowers. To my eye there was mixed success in achieving this as the colours and flowers (with even an occasional leopard print) felt slightly too unrelated, even with the silhouettes mostly remaining constant. However some of the dresses were spectacularly beautiful and could be worn straight off the runway with toned down hair and make up, my particlar favourite was a sleek, black, draped velvet gown. I also thought the change in weight between the sheer and velvet was deviceful.


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