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The statement jumper

So I have decided to work under the assumption that ‘the statement jumper’ exists for two reasons:

1. It is 20 days till payday and I have extremely limited funds

2. I suspect I do not have the toned legs required to pull off a significant print on ‘the statement trouser’

My quest for this statement jumper needed to go no further than Hennes (H&M for non-Londoners, sorry Mauritz) and set me back a mere £9.99 and it’s GOLD which anyone who knows me will tell you is my favourite thing.

 And just to prove that statement jumpers are out there, Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) in Bridget Jones’ Diary represents perhaps the source of my Christmas jumper obsession, and The Killing shows us how to wear a good jumper.


 Plus… A bull! in a jumper!




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  1. just discovered i missed out on the statement short:

  2. Ooohhhh it’s pretty and very you, I love it. Maybe we need to think about jumpers for all seasons… Christmas is obviously sorted but I think there’s room more! Daffodils knitted into a jumper in spring, a beach scene in summer and a tree with falling leaves in autumn. I believe this will work!

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