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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Romeo says synchronise

Last week I was back at the brand new aquatics centre in East London ahead of the fast approaching Olympics. Having managed to watch some Diving last month this time I was back to see Synchronised Swimming amazingness! (technical term of course, I’m obviously an expert now).

To read all about it head over to the wonderful Romeo Says So blog.



Star of the week… the LBD

This week very different takes on the classic little black dress worked wonders for Michelle Pfeiffer, Alice Eve, Kate Mara and Olivia Wilde. What’s your favourite?


UK Glamour present…

UK Glamour have this week published their annual celebrity best dressed list, and it makes for some strange reading!

Coming in at number 5 is Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine, who I think is a great choice. She is individual and has fun with her fashion.

At number 4 is unsurprisingly Kate Middleton. There is no denying that she has been a serious boon for the British economy, mixing high street with designer and being the cause of a number of brands having incredible sales increases. While her wardrobe is obviously constrained by propriety she does always look great.

Number 3 is Victoria Beckham. And much like Kate Middleton while her style might not always reflect mine, she has certainly developed an incredibly successful brand and image. If she would just smile a bit more!

Number 2 is for me a more inspired choice, Emma Watson. She seems more creative with what she wears than many, and rarely puts a foot wrong.

My biggest problem with this list is the person who has been given the number 1 spot. Kristen Stewart. She is just such a boring choice. I would never have associated her with being particularly well or badly dressed, in fact I can’t really remember anything she has worn, though I can’t deny she looks beautiful in J Mendel below.

My pick for the number 1 spot would have been Diane Kruger, not only do I think she enjoys clothes and always looks great (though the fact that she is quite so stunning doesn’t hurt!) but she doesn’t use a stylist, you really do see some of her personality. And finding pictures for this post has just made me more jealous of her wardrobe than before, there were far far too many pictures to choose from.

But what do you think? Who is your best dressed? Who has been overlooked and who have I under or over valued?

Town of Runners


After reading about this documentary in the Guardian, centring on a town in Ethiopia producing incredible athletes year after year, I jumped at the chance to see the film last night. While many cinemas are unfortunately not showing it, the PictureHouse family and Brixton Ritzy in particular didn’t disappoint.

Bekoji is a town in the highlands of Ethiopia which over the last few decades has produced some of the greatest distance athletes in the world. These include: Tirunesh Dibaba, Olympic and World Champion in the 5,000 and 10,000 metres; Kenenisa Bekele, also Olympic and World Champion in the 5,000 and 10,000 metres; and Derartu Tulu, Olympic and World Champion in the 10,000 metres. This is an incredible feat for any region, let alone a tiny town in the highlands of Ethiopia where having enough food to eat and shoes to wear are by no means guaranteed.

The documentary focuses on two young girls from Bekoji, Hawii and Alemi, over a period of three years as they try and fulfil their dreams of becoming professional athletes. This is balanced by the view of a modernising Bekoji, with the introduction of mobile phone towers and an asphalt road replacing mud tracks.

The film is incredibly touching, with charming and relatable young people telling us that with hard work and a little bit of luck they know they can achieve their dreams. And truth be told, I want nothing more than to watch them win medals at a world stage.

Coach, who has developed more Olympic medallists than some countries, is humble, happy and hopeful, telling the Guardian that all he really wished for was a motorbike so he could keep up with his runners while training. And at the speed these kids are running at, who can blame him, someone get that man a motorbike.

Find out more about screenings and other ways to get involved at and absolutely go and see it for yourself if you get the chance.


National Stationery Day!

I have always had a strange love of stationery, but this post was even more fun to research than expected. There is a whole world of amazing stationery out there and National Stationery Day seemed like the perfect excuse to share some:

Top row:

Eraser Roll from Muji £1.50; Recycled Wrapping Paper Set from Oxfam £7.99

Second row:

Giant Pencil Sharpener Desk Tidy from The Letteroom £17.50; Penguin Small Line Journal from Wild & Wolf £6.95; All Change Pencil Case from Paperchase £6

Third row:

MT Tape Set from Culture Label £19.50; Envelope Mail Holder from Goodwin + Goodwin £44.95; Can’t Sleep Write Now Notebook from The Handpicked Collection £10.95

Bottom row:

Book Endings from Goodwin + Goodwin £19.95

Please feel free to send me anything I have missed!

Best dressed of the week…

This week Emily Blunt has been out and about looking more and more gorgeous and is my best dressed of the week:

Notable mentions also go to Scarlett Johansson, Marisa Tomei and Kim Kardashian:

Zoe vs Lemon

As much as I am loving the new CW drama Hart of Dixie, plotlines and all, it is the outfits of the two female leads that I most love. Zoe Hart (played by Rachel Bilson) and Lemon Breeland (played by Jaime King) have very different styles, but which is more you? The monochrome, tailored clothes of Zoe or the pastel, sweetheart styling of Lemon Breeland?