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UK Glamour present…

UK Glamour have this week published their annual celebrity best dressed list, and it makes for some strange reading!

Coming in at number 5 is Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine, who I think is a great choice. She is individual and has fun with her fashion.

At number 4 is unsurprisingly Kate Middleton. There is no denying that she has been a serious boon for the British economy, mixing high street with designer and being the cause of a number of brands having incredible sales increases. While her wardrobe is obviously constrained by propriety she does always look great.

Number 3 is Victoria Beckham. And much like Kate Middleton while her style might not always reflect mine, she has certainly developed an incredibly successful brand and image. If she would just smile a bit more!

Number 2 is for me a more inspired choice, Emma Watson. She seems more creative with what she wears than many, and rarely puts a foot wrong.

My biggest problem with this list is the person who has been given the number 1 spot. Kristen Stewart. She is just such a boring choice. I would never have associated her with being particularly well or badly dressed, in fact I can’t really remember anything she has worn, though I can’t deny she looks beautiful in J Mendel below.

My pick for the number 1 spot would have been Diane Kruger, not only do I think she enjoys clothes and always looks great (though the fact that she is quite so stunning doesn’t hurt!) but she doesn’t use a stylist, you really do see some of her personality. And finding pictures for this post has just made me more jealous of her wardrobe than before, there were far far too many pictures to choose from.

But what do you think? Who is your best dressed? Who has been overlooked and who have I under or over valued?


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  1. I’m sure you know this but these polls are all decided by publicists – no winner of best dressed, most sexiest, biggest hair, whatever, has ever NOT had something coming up. All remaining slots can be filled with whoever and whatever but the winner has been bought and paid for. FACT.

  2. Can’t believe Kristen Stewart was number 1, blurgh, boring! I’m also quite over Kate Middleton, they both don’t excite me. Thanks for sharing this post 😀


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  4. Kristen Stewart?! No way! I hadn’t heard about this. Diane Kruger is a great choice! (I’m happy about Emma Watson too.)


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