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YSL vs Joy


£180 for YSL vs £8 for Louche


Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Before last week I had never watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

And to add to the embarrassment of reaching 25 without seeing this classic film, I hadn’t remotely appreciated what I had been missing.

Thankfully this has now been rectified, I have now seen the film (at the wonderful Rooftop Film Club no less, see my review for Romeo Says So here) and I am completely and utterly in love with Audrey Hepburn, or Holly Golightly I can’t quite be sure.

Incredibly charismatic, and managing to combine an extravagant while charming dress sense, I have a new and pretty serious girl crush – move over Miranda Kerr!

These are my favourite aspects of her look:

– Costume jewellery

– Dressing as she wants no matter the occasion

– Making dishevelled look sexy

– And perhaps the best accessory of all, a great ginger cat!

Eclectic Eccentricity

Jewellery boutique/designer Eclectic Eccentricity came to my attention six months ago when a normally annoying member of my family bought me the most amazing Christmas present, an octopus necklace. Since then, I have watched (and bought) with interest as they have gone from strength to strength, with every piece of jewellery unique, quirky and reasonably priced.


With their new collection available now, I am somewhat loathe to spread the word as part of me wants to keep them all to myself… but for you lovely people, anything. A couple of my favourite pieces are below, check them out here. 

Image of Isis - Triangle Pyramid Necklace

Image of Dino-Might Dinosaur Necklace


The collar collection

The Victoria and Albert museum has long been a treasured London attraction. But museum exhibits aside, I have just discovered that they have a beautiful range of jewellery available at their shop, and the collars below are completely wonderful.

I’m not entirely convinced I could pull this Sculpted Collar off, but at £20 it might be worth the gamble


The Peter Pan Bead Collar is £20 as well



The Black Sequin Collar is £10


Favourite fashion piece?

The wonderful Eclectic Eccentricity (selling vintage jewellery with a story to tell – recently ran a competion, asking the twitter world what “their favourite fashion piece” was. A competition I was lucky enough to win!

Now you may be thinking this “fashion piece” is a charity shop gem or an inherited piece of jewellery but you would be wrong. Aged six and beyond I was obsessed with a black lace tutu, a tutu my mum tells me, was kindly donated by our wonderful neighbour Liz Richards. As a child I had unusual taste in accessories and my favourite outfit involved this tutu, a black velvet waistcoat and a riding helmet. Yes indeedy. Growing out of it was a dark time but i’ve made it through, and now it has brought me a wonderful pair of Eclectic Eccentricity earrings!

I’ve gone from being the girl who says she never wins anything, to winning two prizes in just about as many weeks. Now people say that good things come in threes, I’m not sure I believe that, but I think i’ll buy a lottery ticket just in case.


Fairtrade Fortnight

In honour of fairtrade fortnight I have picked some beautiful pieces of fairtrade jewellery that are handmade and ethical, a few of which are below.

Feather Bangles Set – £7.50 –


Limited edition fairtrade fortnight bracelet – £10 –


Nyota ring – £13 –


Za Koni pendant – £20 –

Image Colourful bangles – £10 –


Brass little bird necklace – £15 –


And just to prove that it is not only gold jewellery that I can appreciate…

Best of British keyring – £46 –


Favourites of Day 2 LFW

My favourite show and collection of the day was undoubtedly Temperley London, the opulence and fantasy of the clothes and jewellery really resonated with me.

Templerley were closely followed by House of Holland, for the colour and fun of the collection, an example of which is below

And finally the elegance of Issa London evening wear didn’t disappoint, despite the uncomfortably thin model in green!